Taking everything into consideration — trades, signings, additions to the coaching staff — how would you rate Kyle Dubas’ off-season?

Which new player outside of TJ Brodie do you expect to have the biggest impact?

Morgan Rielly, Brodie and Jake Muzzin are the Leafs’ top three defencemen. Who are the next three?

Dubas said the Leafs had to become tougher to play against. Where is your level of confidence that he addressed that area properly?

To what extent has Dubas improved the Leafs defensively?

Considering what you know now about the off-season additions, if you could turn the clock back to the first week of October, would you trade William Nylander in order to take a proper run at Alex Pietrangelo?

There was plenty of talk of a possible trade of goalie Frederik Andersen, but it did not (or has not) come to pass. Should the Leafs have kept him?

Andersen is heading into the last year of his contract. If the Leafs decide to move on and try to add in free agency, which goalie should they focus on?

Speaking of contracts, Auston Matthews and Willam Nylander have four years remaining; Marner and Tavares have five years to go before theirs expire. How confident are you the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup before the present window closes?

Which wingers best suit Matthews?

Where do you see Thornton — who averaged 13 minutes 25 seconds of ice time at 5-on-5 play with San Jose last season — best fitting in?

Where do you see Bogosian — who couldn’t crack the Buffalo lineup but rebounded with some solid minutes for Tampa in its Stanley Cup run — best fitting in?

Which trio makes the most sense as the third line?

How many starts should Jack Campbell get in backing up Andersen (and taking into consideration a full 82-game schedule is unlikely to be in the cards)?

Which rookie are you most curious about regarding where he will play in the lineup?

It’s all but certain the NHL will be going with an all-Canadian division. Where do you see the Leafs finishing among the seven teams?

Assuming the Leafs make the playoffs, what becomes of Dubas if the Leafs again fail to make it past the first round?

It's been a year (Nov. 20) since Sheldon Keefe took over from the fired Mike Babcock as coach. Where does your faith in Keefe stand?

Gone are assistant coaches Paul McFarland and Andrew Brewer. In are Manny Malhotra and Paul MacLean. These moves will:

We got a glimpse of a line featuring Matthews, Tavares and Marner in Game 5 against Columbus. Do the Leafs have the kind of depth at forward that allows Keefe to go with that look on a more regular basis?

Who is going to be the Leafs’ next star?

Who has the best chance of being claimed by Seattle in the expansion draft next year?

How do you feel about attending games in person during the coronavirus pandemic?

Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams” has had its run as the Leafs’ goal song. What song do you choose to replace it?